• Plane Figures

  • Classification of geometric shapes

  • Calculating area and perimeter of plane figures

  • Classification of triangles

  • Measuring angles

  • Parallel and perpendicular

  • Line of symmetry

  • An introduction to solid figures

5th Grade Math Classes

When letters turn into numbers – An introduction to Algebraic thinking

12 Classes ( 4 week course starting Monday 20th April 2020. Meets 3 X per week Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm PST. 120 minute sessions with 90 minutes of class time and 30 minutes office hours)

In this introductory course to algebra, students will be introduced to looking for patterns and relationships between numbers and analyze them to find solutions. They will also learn to write and interpret numerical expressions using given rules.

  • Integers

  • Number patterns and relationships

  • Using letters as numbers in addition and subtraction multiplication and division

  • Simplifying equations

  • Introduction to inequalities

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