5th Grade Language Arts Classes

The Portal to Adventures Through Reading 5.1  

8 Classes ( 4 week course starting Tuesday 21st April 2020. Meets 2 X per week Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm PST. 120 minute sessions with 90 minutes of class time and 30 minutes office hours)

In this intermediate course, students will continue to be transported to places they have never been before, and times they have never seen. Students will dive into text to learn its meaning, and discover its secrets. Throughout the course, students will read a variety of Informative and Fictional passages, expanding their perspective on analyzing new material They will learn how to better analyze text, and it’s meaning and theme in depth. Students will engage in discussion throughout the course to gain insight on other’s analysis of the text.

  • Comparing and Contrasting Elements in a Story

  • Diving into the Theme of a Story

  • Determining the Main Idea of Informational Texts Using Examples

  • Comparing and Contrasting Informational Texts on the Same Topic

  • Narrator’s/Speaker’s Point of View

  • Exploring Texts of the Same Genre

  • Discussing the Texts of the Same Genre

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