5th Grade Math Classes

Properties of shapes – A deeper dive into Geometry

12 Classes ( 4 week course starting Monday 20th April 2020. Meets 3 X per week Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm PST. 120 minute sessions with 90 minutes of class time and 30 minutes office hours)

This course will build on the geometry skills learnt in 4th grade with delving deeper into the properties and rules that apply to angles, triangles and other two dimensional shapes.

  • Angles on a line, point and vertical

  • Classifying triangles

  • Classifying Polygons

  • Measuring angles of a triangle

  • Properties of a right, isosceles and equilateral triangle

  • Triangle inequalities

  • Parallelogram, rhombus and trapezoids

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