Our Mentors

Joshua Musial

Joshua is dedicated to youth development via life skills and started working with children through community outreach for homework assistance and as a camp counselor. This experience provided him with a deep understanding on how to assist the youth through interpersonal relationships. He has worked with students as a private tutor for language arts,  a Teachers Aid for high school math, developer and administrator for California High School Exit Exam in the math department, Special Need's Applied Behavioral Analyst and a FLL Robotics Coach. Currently he is the Program Director an instructor for a robotics engineering program that has after school classes and summer camps.

Chanel McFarland

Chanel has been a dedicated Educator for over 10 years. She has worked as an Instructional Aide in the Special Education Department for the San Jose Unified School District for 6 years, providing support to both mainstream and special needs children and has also taught afterschool classes and led STEM summer camps for many years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and she is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Elizabeth Lohse

Elizabeth is currently a student at Western Governors University working on a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education. She has mentored other students middle school on and continues to do so through teaching afterschool classes, summer camps, volunteering and tutoring. Her passion is education, with a special focus on elementary age children. She hopes to be a lifelong teacher.

Robin Signorelli

Robin is a college student working on becoming a school teacher. He has been working in classrooms in afterschool programs and in summer camp environments for the last 7 years. Robin is one of the longest tenured mentors with the Wizbots program which teaches LEGO Robotics and Java Programming to elementary and middle school students. He loves bringing his passion for learning to Wizbots' Lab environment and is looking forward to doing the same with classes on Wiz Academy!

Oscar Naval

Oscar started his career in the Silicon Valley as a digital electronics engineer. He moved to Australia and worked as a Science Interpreter at "The World of Energy" where he facilitated science, energy conversion, sustainability and global warming classes for school groups. He has taught IT and worked at the Department of Education & Training. For the last few years, Oscar has taught physical computing using Raspberry Pi computers and also afterschool LEGO robotics and Java coding.

Miranda Ashton

Miranda has worked with kids of many ages and through a variety of settings from tutoring to leading afterschool classes and summer camps. Miranda has been a loved mentor at the Wizbots robotics and coding afterschool classes and summer camps for many years. She is currently working on an Associate In Arts Degree in Music. She is an artist and an educator and is sure to inspire children at WizAcademy.

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