Wiz Academy has strong roots in STEM education for over 10 years. We have run an award-winning robotics and Java coding program that we have brought to thousands of kids in the Bay Area, California through afterschool programs and summer camps. Our mentors have all taught in our classrooms for years and have received rave reviews from parents and students alike. 


At Wiz Academy we bring a unique approach to teaching that incorporates design thinking, Imagineering and hands-on, collaborative learning. We have actually figured out ways to do this even within an online environment.


We understand from our experience in classrooms and camps that the most effective learning happens when a student thinks through, around and beyond a concept to actually apply it and solve a challenge or complete a project. When a child is actively engaged in the learning process the outcomes are a deeper understanding, longer retention of material learned, and most importantly a child developing a true love for the subject.


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