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  • Engaging and fun courses in a wide variety of subjects designed to spark curiosity, deepen knowledge, develop a creative problem solving mindset and foster a love of learning.

  • Five-week classes, each 90 minutes long that meet once a week, with options offered Monday to Friday to fit different time schedules.

  • Passionate and experienced live mentors who make each class a captivating learning experience.


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Fun and Exciting 




Wide Variety of Subjects 

Online classes filled with fun and interaction




Small classes of

not more than

12 kids.




What makes us different

About Us

Learning Together
From the Comfort
of Your Home

Our Classes Are Developed For Kids


Why Us?

  • Outstanding curriculum

  • Passionate and experienced mentors 

  • Innovative teaching approach

  • Small class size

  • Personalized attention

  • Stellar student outcomes


We Believe

  • All children can learn and be successful. 

  • Through engaging curriculums that have clear objectives and goals we can set high expectations and teach a rigorous content effectively and successfully.

  • Curriculums need to be dynamic and to evolve to fit the needs of learners.

  • In offering a wide scope of subject matter children can cultivate unique skills, develop new interests, expand attitudes and build appreciation.

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Our Course Benefits

Expert Teachers

Our mentors are experienced and extremely passionate about education. Their enthusiasm to create a fun and effective learning experience combined with their dedication to positive learning outcomes for each child is what makes our program different.

Exceptional Quality

Wiz Academy is committed to creating and delivering quality classes to our young learners. We are constantly working to making our classes among the best online. We do so by investing in training, constantly evaluating the effectiveness of our current offerings and adding quality content on a regular basis.

Flexible Curriculum

Our classes run for 4 to 8 weeks and are bite size modules that cover specific areas. This allows a student to pick and choose, tailoring their learning to fit their interests and needs. Thus Wiz Academy can be used to explore areas of interest or offer support in areas where extra help is needed.

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